Empower 2 Updates

<p>I'd like to hear others' opinions on whether to install updates to Waters Empower 2, and the amount of re-validation (if any) that is nescessary.</p><p>We are a small company using a validated Empower 2 system that is updated through Feature Release 5. There have since been Service Packs F and G made available, each with their own hotfixes. (From what I can tell, Service Pack G is cumulative and includes Service Pack F.) We do sometimes experience problems in Empower, mainly the crashing of the Review window, which I believe would be improved by the updates.</p><p></p><p>However, we have never installed any updates, mainly because we don't have any dedicated IT or computer validation resources, and I as the system administrator (who's really a lab scientist) don't have much experience in knowing the level of re-validation that would be required. Waters' release notes just say to process a set of data before and after the update(s) to show that the results are the same, but is that considered sufficient? What do others in this forum do at their companies?</p><p></p><p>Thanks in advance for your comments.</p>
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