Tutorial internal standard TargetLynx

<p>Hello,</p><p>I search a detailed tutorial about the use of internal standard with TargetLynx. I would like to understand how TargetLynx use this function with a real example. Thank you very much!</p>


  • Hello

    Is there a particular application area that would be most suited to your interests? I will be looking for someone to answer, it might be best if the examples were related to your work.

    Many TX


  • Yes, I work on water sample. I adds a mix of deutered standards in 0.5L of water and I extract with off-line SPE. I detect compounds  by LCMS

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    I am looking for this, but in the meantime I have contacted a support person to get in contact with you and address the subject, 



  • Hello Liz,

    I am currently in contact with the customer and I will visit him next week for support.

    Everything is under control.

    Thanks for your support.


    Stéphane (application specialist - west Switzerland)

  • Hello agian:

    I am posting a .pdf on the use of TargetLynx that is helpful for trained users who need a reminder. However, please keep in mind that the on-site training for TargetLynx will allow a user to become proficient quickly in their specific application and is the critical for new users.

    Best regards,