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<p> Hi all</p><p>     Have any of you experienced difficulty Copying Empowr User Preferences to projects. I have spent allot of time setting up a Default project and connection to all 120+ systems and configuring instrument toolbars so users all see the same desktop and alos setting the Nanolite inject option for 6890 GC's only to find configuation manger will freeze up (MFC Application Error)  when I attempt to copy to all usrs for all projects. It will work on an individual basis and somtimes all users for max 6 projects but when users log in and connect to system the preferences have not taken.</p><p>     I also noticed that the default project preferences I set through the FAT client were not visible on Citrix client so I had to repeat the whole process of connecting to 120 systems on Citrix and setting preferences.</p><p>     I Would appreciate if anyone could advise me on this we are on Empower 2 FR5 SPD.</p><p></p><p>     Pat O'Driscoll</p>


  • Pat

    Is the database server local to the machine where you are setting the preferences ?  The reason that I ask is that the copy occurs by reading information from the specifc project for the specific user then inserting it into the destination project.  At this point, I am not certain how exactly the query and insert are done from a technical level.  But it will generate a fair amount of traffic and it is done synchronusly.   So if you have a local client but a remote database, then I could see the freeze as the client is still doing work.  The abnormal termination could the result of a connection issue.  Does the Configuration Manager application respond normally after the MFC error or do you need to restart it ?

    If it caused by too much traffic taking too long, then perhaps trying it using a client that is local to the database would provide some diagnosis.  There was a change in how information is retrieved in SP G Hotfix 2.  Oracle allows a query to immediately return more data (ie, if the query returns 100 rows, return all of the data in one shot) but defaults to a smaller setting.  Hotfix 2 allows a system admininstrator to increase that value.  It will come at the expense of memory on the local client.  If the issue is in the number of round trips between the client and the server, the feature may help.  If the behavior occurs inside the empower code once the information has arrived, then it may not.


  • Hi John thanks for your reply.

         The database server is not local and configuration manager will start up normally after MFC error. What we have noticed is that while performing the Copy Preferences task in the application it caused archive logs to be generated every 30 seconds (see attached file). These log files are 45MB in size and  the log disk is only 25GB in size. The disk fills up and the database  comes to a stand still, resulting in users being unable to log on. Log files are retained for a period of 4 days and an rman script clears off obsolete files after this period of time has elapsed. To rectify the situation we had to manually delete log files to clear up space.

         We will try the task from the application server and monitor the log files to see if it perform any better and also look in to instllation of  SP G.


         Pat O'Driscoll

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