Agilent 6890GC Control

<p>Hi</p><p></p><p>Please can you tell me if and Agilent 6890N GC can be controlled through the Instrument LAN on a LACE, or does it need to be a serial connection?</p><p></p><p>Thanks</p><p>Si </p>


  • A direct Ethernet connection from the Agilent 6890N GC LAN port to the Waters Instrument LAN on an Empower node is not supported.

    However, Waters offers the 8-Port Serial Hubwhich is an Ethernet device that will support serial instruments in Empower, build 1154, and Empower 2 Software and will replace the current (Equinox) 8-port serial card.

    Compared to a PC card, the 8-Port Serial Hub is an Ethernet-to-serial devicethat adds support for serial instruments, such as 6890N GC, to computers which do not have an available slot for the card, or computers which run the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System.

    The release notes for the 8-Port Serial Hub are available on the Waters Support website for additional information on supported instruments, installation and connections. To ensure your success when connecting instruments to the new 8-port Serial Hub, please read the extensive information that is provided in the Release Notes.

  • Thanks for the info.  Currently, there is a network switch plugged into the secondary NIC card on the LACE and the primary one is taken up.

    Can the serial hub plug into a network switch using a straight-through cable, or will it need a third NIC installing?



  • The serial hub may be connected to the Instrument LAN NIC using an Ethernet network switch.

  • Just to resurrect this thread .......

    We have just bought a Headspace G1888A to attach to an A6890.  Assuming we do not have the 8-port switch mentioned above - which of the following is true:

    1. GC plugs into LACE via Equinox, HS plugs into LACE via RJ45 - can the 2 communicate with each other?

    2. GC plugs into LACE via Equinox, HS plugs into GC via RS232 - can the 2 communicate with each other?

    Welcome a swift reply on this one....


  • I have a 7890 and G1888 on a system.  Each is indivially connected to the LAC/E box and connected to each other using the remote serial connection on the back of each instrument.  This way the G1888 signals the GC when it does an injection.

    I would assume the 6890 is connected the same way, just with a serial connection to the LAC/E instead of LAN like the 7890.