Re-Qualification when changing loop/sample syringe

<p>If you change to another sample loop and/or sample syringe on the Acquity UPLC system would this require a re-qualification of the system ?</p><p></p><p>If yes what would you need to do ?</p><p></p><p>Does anyone have any input/answers to this question ?</p><p></p><p>Rune</p>


  • Hello Rune

    It is not necessary to re-qualify the equipment, only it is necessary to characterize the loop and the needle in the sample manager.


  • Agreed Alex!

    As the purpose of loop/needle characterization is to ensure that the same volumes are injected (partial loop and PLUNO modes) independently of the specific loop and needle combination, no re-qualification is necessary.

    Full loop is slightly different as precision will not be directly impacted by a change in loop volume, but the absolute volume injected will be different -- as it depends on the actual volume of the loop and no two loops can be exactly the same as loop tolerances will vary.

    Nevertheless, since the loop's volume has been characterized and is reported, the change in mass on column can be accounted for and as the correct volume is assigned to the sample syringe, the behavior will be correct.

    The system does not need to be re-qualified when the loop/needle/metering syringes are changed provided that the loop and needle are characterized (and this is a required diagnostic after a loop syringe change).


  • Hi Liz

    Thanks for clarifying this.