Printer problems using Citrix

<p>Hi</p><p>I'm curious to find out if we are the only company that experience massive printer problems.</p><p>We are running a client/server based system and are using Citrix to distribute the application for the users.</p><p>We have during many years expirenced lot of printer related problems.</p><p>I know this issue is not directly related to Waters - Empower but my guess is that many users are running the same setup using Citrix.</p><p>The problem is that offen the users have no printers to choose from in Empower or even if they are present on the list they don't work.</p><p>Some times even the Waters PDF generator is not present or not working.</p><p>We mostly run paperless but we need a printer to open the preview for electronic signature. Our users in Italy do print a lot so this is a big problem.</p><p>Is there anyone out there that have experience with this?</p>


  • Hi

    Yes we have similar problems with Citrix type environment.  Mostly resolved by dormant/cached user accounts on the Citrix servers themselves.  Once deleted and the user logs in, this profile is rebuilt and usually this fixes the problem.

    In earlier versions of Citrix, this problem was also caused by printer management software such as NDPS changing printer names and drivers and these then do not match with the Citrix server so the client could not print.

    What version of Citrix are you running and how many servers in your farm?