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<p>Hello,</p><p></p><p>To those who perform the annual calibration for the ACQUITY UPLC, what solutions do you use for the GPV test? My company's calibration procedure says to use acetyl furan, acetanilide, and butylparaben. I can easily find acetanilide and butylparaben in VWR and Aldrich catalog, but acetyl furan is not available anywhere; I even did a websearch, but to no avail. Any suggestions or inputs would be greatly appreciated.</p><p></p><p>Thanks for reading!</p>


  • Hello TUV

    It will be interesting to see what other members state, but Waters performs a gradient performance test. The chemicals the you mention are three of the seven that are  used in the qualification test.

    Waters are very interested to know what tests are performed by users. Does this help?

    Best regards,


  • Hello Liz,

    Thank you very much for your reply and input (it helps a lot). I finally found acetylfuran under a synonym of 2-Furyl methyl ketone on Sigma-Aldrich. Yes, I would definitely be very interested to know what the rest of the UPLC community does as far as annual calibration goes.

    Since we're on the subject, I'll list the tests required by my company on the annual cal for the UPLC:

    1. Detector linearity & sensitivity

    2. Detector Wavelength (from detector linearity)

    3. System precision

    4. Flow rate

    5. Injection linearity & accuracy

    6. GPV

    7. Column heater temp accuracy

    8. Sample heater/cooler temp accuracy

    9. Sample manager plate



  • We don't do annual testing on our system but when we've needed to test a GPV we run a stepped gradient with water and 5% acetone in water. Looking at UV data this gives a really nice stepped profile and we measure the relative proportions of the steps to check the GPV performance.

    hope this helps...

  • That is nice that you don't have to do the annual cal. I work in the stability group and all of our runs are GMP, so I cannot escape from it. Also, almost all of our methods have gradient parameters, that's why the GPV test is crucial for us.

    Thank you for your input. It does help.

  • Hello TVU:

    Does your system run under Empower control? If so you could look at Waters’ service options, and you could consider our self directed a qualification service option.  Here the Waters’ automated qualification tool is used, but you run the software tool.

    The use of Waters’ designed testing methods as these methods are already well proven/accepted and reliable. Do you need to perform "Calibration" or “Qualification”  as you may be doing too much testing for what you actually need.

    The test suggested by “Peakdalejo” is similar to the Waters’ original GPV test for the Alliance LC System and/or Waters Model 600 Series Quaternary pumps.  You must be very careful to reduce the concentration considerably as the system can be contaminated with the UV absorbing acetone.  This was why it is no longer used by Waters for the ACQUITY UPLC system and would be undesirable for an MS based system.

    It may be that a visit by a FSE or Service Manager would be a good to discuss all your options.

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