How do I analyze an amine by UPLC/ESI/TOF?

<p>I am a new user of the ACQUITY UPLC coupled to a LCT Premier XE.  I am trying to get used to using this type of system by analyzing small molecules that I would routinely run by HPLC.  I would like to know if any one has any suggestions on how to analyze triethanolamine using this type of setup.  Thank you in advance for your help. </p>


  • lizh


    Do you have an HPLC method as a starting place?

    Thank you!


  • slater

    Yes, I do have an existing isocratic HPLC method which uses a differential

    refractometer (Waters' 410) for detection and two 7.8 * 300mm GPC columns

    in series (Ultrahydragel 250 and 120) for separation.

    I am currently working on a way to analyze the tertiary alcohol amine via

    UPLC-ELSD using a C18 2.1 * 50mm. I am very new to using a UPLC-ELSD as

    well as developing applications for analyzing compounds using this

    particular setup. So I am truly using this as a way to help familarize

    myself with conducting method development for LC.

    Thank you for your reponse.



  • lizh


    I sent this off earlier to one of our Chemical Analysis Applications Specialist and this was her suggestion, take generic mobile phases: H2O+0.1% FA, MeOH+0.1% FA -  she says she is assuming the amine will ionise by protonation to form a +ve ion so FA will be fine to use.Take a 2.1 x 5 mm BEH C18 column and use a generic screening gradient - James's gradient for ToF screening would be ideal (it doesn't matter that the MPs are different). Prep a 1 ppm solution of the amine alone (pref in H2O - or MeOH @ 1 mg/mL and dilute w H2O). Inject this solution and run the generic screening gradient.Find the monoisotopic exact mass of the amine to 4-d.p. and extract that mass from the acquired TIC. The peak you then see is the amine - hey presto...... analysis of an amine using ToF MS :-)

    Hope this is helpful,