Empower Reports

<p>Please find attached excel file which outlines basic requirements for a mixed impurity report that would help greatly with my current work.</p><p>We are currently using Empower but will move to Empower2 by end of September.</p><p></p><p>Important attributes:</p><p></p><p>Sample Name – occurs across the top of the table
Impurities are listed by RT or RRT. Impurities must include both named and unknown impurities.
If an impurity is not present then the report needs to leave blank.</p><p></p><p>The empower report is then exported and uploaded to excel.</p><p></p><p>Is there a report out there in the world of Waters Empower than can satisfy these requirments?</p><p></p><p>Regards,</p><p></p><p>lconnor1</p>


  • If you are already using the report in Empower then you should be able to import it directly into Empower2.  We have both data systems in our lab and to transfer methods between systems we create a 'Template' project with all our instrument and reporting methods in it, back it up from the Empower system and then import it as a project into our Empower2 system.  Our systems are not networked, we just use portable hard drives to do it.  We've never had a problem with anything working this way.

    I'm not sure of any regulatory implications this may have but our report files created in Empower work just fine in Empower2.

    Hope this helps.


  • I am not currently using an Empower report that covers all the requirments as specified in the attachment above. Are there any Empower reports that have sample number across the top of the table?

  • Have you tried creating yor own?  All our reports are custom ones which we have created ourselves.  The report method editor part of the Empower software is really good, pretty intuitive and once you've had a bit of a play with it, really easy to use.  

    In the editor if you expand the tree for 'Fields' all the information you could ever want appears and you just have to drag and drop the field you need onto the report.

    If you've not tried it before, I'd suggest just playing around with it.  You can edit the standard reports supplied too, so if you have one thats almost there you can just add the extra field required and save it.

    You'll need more than basic read access to edit and save a report, loging on as an administrator will allow you to do as you wish.

    good luck!


  • Do you have any reports that look like the example I have in the attachment in the original post, with sample numbers across the top?

  • sorry, we have nothing like that one here.