UPLC HPLC equivalency report?

<p>We are working in a GMP environment and having a few Acquity UPLC, Alliance HPLC and other LC systems in our lab. Occasionally, we put a HPLC column and run some HPLC methods on the UPLC system. Those written HPLC methods were developed on HPLC systems.</p><p></p><p>I am wondering if waters has done a study to compare and show UPLC is equivalent to HPLC when performing HPLC analysis (the same method will generate the same results on Acquity UPLC and other LC)? Such a report will be very helpful for us to justify our UPLC usage.</p>


  • As part of the recent ACQUITY UPLC H-Class launch, we did quite a bit of work in characterizing method transfer from HPLC to UPLC back to HPLC.  While we've never issued a formal report, I am attaching a recent seminar we gave related to this topic.  I hope you find it useful.