Anybody got a 6850 Series I GC to work with FR5/Equinox ?

<p>Hi !</p><p></p><p>When connecting our 6850 Series I GC's to Empower2 FR5 we get problems. Have the latest instrument support software for the GC and the spesified GC-firmware.</p><p>We connect ok to the instrument and create methods as normal.</p><p></p><p>The problem begins when running samples (or monitoring); NO PLOT.</p><p>The data-files are created, but they are only 1kb (and empty).</p><p></p><p>Are there anybody that have FR5 and 6850 Series I and got them working?</p><p>My local Waters-office was at our site, but didn't manage to fix it.</p><p></p><p>Regards</p><p>- kjbu</p>


  • Jagat


    If you have multiple 6850 series I GCs connected to the same acquisition node using an Equinox card, and the PC has a multi core processor, it is possible that you are seeing a manifestation of a known incompatibility between the Equinox driver and multi core CPUs (PCS 44289) that may cause intermittent communications issues.

    Could you please clarify whether this applies to your system configuration?

    Kind regards,


  • kjbu


    There is only one 6850 Series I GC on each node I have tried (only one instrument connected to Equinox).

    I'm aware of the multicore/Equinox problem, so I have a quite few nodes with only one core activated