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<p><span>Does any one have experience in performing Black cohosh dry extract on UPLC?</span></p>


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    I asked one of my Chemical Analysis colleagues, he has not done any work on Black Cohosh (triterpene glycosides) in quite a few years and not on UPLC. He speculated that the structures of these compounds might be amenable to separation on a BEH Amide column and passed the question along to the chemists that develop the ACQUITY UPLC chemistries. While they do not have experience with these glycosides, they did suggest that the structures suggested that the analysis might be successful under HILIC conditions on the ACQUITY BEH Amide column. I hope this helps,


  • Thanks Liz for response. I am working on this compound and very close to achieve chromatographic condition. Its been on HPLC so far but I also tried on UPLC. Works 75% in first shot and never work after that. :O(

  • by the way i tried HSS C18 column. Never tried Amide..so worth to try that. thanks.

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    I hesitate to answer anything too chemistry important, but the HILIC application is great for anything polar. Keep in touch!


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