Metallic components in UPLC

<p><span>I have an Acquity UPLC equipped with a TUV detector. I need to analyze a compound which may bind with metal. The syringe and sample loop and inlet column tubing in the UPLC are metal. Are there any other components in the UPLC that are made of metal in which the sample may come in contact with? Is there any option to rid the instrument of metal components?</span></p>


  • lizh


    The ACQUITY UPLC system is not non metallic, nor are the UPLC columns, have you run on HPLC before?

    Let me know


  • loius

    I did not think the UPLC was non metallic. Since I made this post we have spoken with waters representatives and they too confirmed. HPLC at this point is not an option, for our HPLC systems are metallic.