re: Waters Configuration 13 LAC/E Module busLAC/E Firmware Update

<p>I've just received my first model 13 LAC/E and busLAC/E card - needed as we're still running 2154, FR4 - should I go ahead and update the busLAC/E driver or wait until we upgrade to Empower 3 (or FR 5)?</p>


  • Dot


    Since you are running Empower 2 FR 4 SP D you need only to apply the firmware for the busLAC/E in Windows Device Manager and then reboot the LAC/E32 module. The busLAC/E driver should not be installed until the Empower 2 software is updated to Empower 2, Feature Release 5 or later.

    At this time you can click on the Overview tab of this eCommunity to view or download a complete copy of these release notes "Waters Config 13 LAC/E Module busLAC/E Firmware Update". I am providing a link to the release notes, click here .

    I hope this information is helpful.


  • Very helpful, thanks.

    You provided the information that I found to be either unclear or lacking in the release notes.

  • Hi Dot,

    How do you recognise configurations in LACES? We have 21 of them and I think it would be useful to know which one is which,especialy from system upgrade point of view. Is it coded in serial number somehow? What are diferences between configurations? I tried to find that info online,but to no avail.



    Added by Kate on 05 Aug 2010:

    I have contaced our local Waters represenatives and they provided me with the spreadsheet covering all LACE's configurations.

    There's way of decoding LACE's serial numbers:

    for example


    B manufacturing code

    00 (year code) in this case 2000
    L32 (model code meaning Lace32)

    001W (serial number)

    So B00L32001W was manufactured in 2000 and is the first date to be supported for XP upgrades


    Was manufactured in 2003,the number following the manufacturing code which can be anything A through Z,from this designation can be  traced to exact manufacturing site and batch if required.



  • Hello Kate,

    The serial number of the Lac/e32 is coded very simply. The first alpha character is the month followed by two digits indicating the year manufactured then of course L32 for Lac/e32 and last a four characters identifier. There can in some cases be an additional alpha character at the end.

    There is a small transition point between each configuration of Lac/e32s to the next. A config is a generic term for a similar configuration of Lac/e32s and can have a large representation of part numbers. An announcement is made when a new config of Lac/e32s is manufactured. Each unit should have the serial number and part number on the unit.

    Configurations would be available for the hardware and software requirements supported by the application products released and in testing at the time. In some configurations an upgrade options might be available for use with later application releases. You should check with Waters regarding these options.

    Configuration 8 by month/year (translation)
    June/2002 (F02) - June/2003 (F03)

    Configuration 9
    June/2003 (F03) - March/2004 (C04)

    Configuration 10
    March 2004 (C04) - October 2005 (K05)

    Configuration 11
    October 2005(K05) – June 2007 (F07)

    Configuration 12
    June 2007 (F07) - March 2009 (C09)

    Configuration 13
    Aril 2009 (D09) - current

    I hope this is helpful,


  • Does any one knows other way to check the S/N in case that not label is available?
  • Sometimes the Computer Name or Computer Description of the LACE is the same as the serial number.