Wash Syringe Static Leak Test

<p><span>Dear All,</span></p><p></p><p><span>We have begun to see eratic areas in our once robust method. We have run diagnostics on all modules and found the Wash Syringe Static Leak Test failed (both weak and strong washes). What are the implications of this failure? And could this be linked to our eratic areas? We are also seeing a lot of carry-over.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Many thanks for any help.</span></p>


  • lizh


    The issue is that pressure that we would expect the system to hold - is not, this suggests that there is a leak of some fashion

    If you are not delivering wash properly, the implication is carryover and absolutely that would account for are issue. Verify by running a blank, run the gradient conditions without making an injection and run the injection making a zero volume injection and see whether you have areas. The reason I ask to do this in this way is to work out if the system is now contaminated.

    Please check the following:

    1 .Pull out the Sample Manager fluidics draw and check whether the syringe barrels are tight. Air bubbles inside the syringes, ensure that the wash system is well purged to get rid of the bubbles. If loose the syringe barrels may have worn out and may need to be replaced.

    2. Does the Sample Manager sample syringe test pass? If not, we would suspect that the 3 way metering valve may be leaking (this is used in wash leat test as well) , causing wash test to fail. The next part you can try if you feel comfortable, if not then contact your FSE. For verification: place a union in place of the metering valve( connect both tubes on metering valve , onto union. Do the wash syringe leak test again. If passes , the metering valve is leaking. if fails, it may indicate the manifold valve pack assy is bad.

    Hoep this helps,