Customizing Problem I

Hello,the following situation is given:- a sensitivity solution with a nominal concentration of 0.100 % shall be prepared; the target weight is 100 mg of a working standard (100 %)- the working standard has an amount of 99.5 %, the real weight is 104.2 mg- thus, the sensitivity solution has a real concentration of 0.104 %- the sensitivity solution is injected at the start and at the end of a sequence- the two peak areas are: 22788 and 24612- the mean value is: 23700- 23700 for a 0.104% solution corresponds to 22859 for a 0.100% solution- for the calculation of impurities, all peak areas below 22859 (= disregard limit) have not to be considered Target:- input of the real weight of the working standard in a field- input of the amount of the working standard in a field- processing/reporting in a way that peaks with an area higher than the disregard limit are listed only- the sum of these peaks areas shall be calculated, excepted: a) peaks eluting before a certain time / b) main peakHow can I do this using custom fields and other functionalities of Empower 2?Thank you very much for every hint.RegardsFlorian
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