ICOP upgrade on Citrix servers

<p><span>We are upgrading Acquity ICOP from 1.3 to 1.4. We have sucessfully upgraded our LACE's and clients but cannot control UPLC via citrix. </span></p><p><span>We have followed the same upgrade procedure and despite instalaltion of ICOP 1.4 when we access a UPLC instrument via Citrix the "Run Samples" screen hangs for several minutes and we cannot access the Sample Manager Console.</span></p><p><span>We have reinstalled the ICOP several time and get the same problem has anyone come upon this issue before? </span></p><p><span>I would appreciate any assistance.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Pat O'Driscoll</span></p><p></p><p><span>Pfizer Ireland.</span></p>


  • Dot

    Hello Pat,

    The control panel for the ACQUITY Sample Manager may still be at 1.30 or lower. This can be determined by checking the icon used to launch the console. In version 1.40 and higher, it appears as a stylized A. We would recommend verifying if the console can be launched from the LAC/E32 directly. It is our understanding that you are in contact with the support group in Waters Ireland, We have contacted them and will provide assistance so that this issue can be resolved.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Dot

    I looged on to the LACE directly and connected to the UPLC system and have full control via ICOP 1.4 instlled on that LACE.

    However when we log on via Citrix thre is no stylized A for the console launce even though the ICOP version is 1.4 for that Citrix server.

    I will pass this information on to our local support also.


  • Did you install the update on the citrix server via the add/remove programs via the configuration menu instead of running the waters setup.exe? Go to add/remove programs, select install (add new program), then indifidually select the components you want to install, and run their setup.exe, each one via add/remove programs install (add new program). We had a similar problem that we could not access the UPLC control windows. However this was a user rights issue and I assume that 1.3 worked fine at your site. But you never know. We had to change this registry setting and everyting was fine.

    "I have been doing some testing on my own this week. The results of my testing is that the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionPerflib needs to have "Authenticated Users (or other group including the Acquity Console users) - Read" permissions added. Once I added this the Acquity Console opens normally".

    below the information about it from our waters person:

    The Perflib subkey stores configuration data for the Windows Performance Library, which collects and organizes data for performance tools, such as System Monitor.

    In addition to entries, the Perflib subkey contains a Language-code subkey for each spoken language you configure for Windows 2000. The Language-code subkey stores performance counter names and their descriptions in the specified language. The Language-code subkey is named for the language code for that language. For example, the counters and descriptions for the English language are stored in a subkey named 009, the language code for English (United States).

    Activation method

    To make changes to entries in this subkey effective, either restart the Remote Registry Service or restart Windows 2000.


    If you cannot display particular performance counters, check the Application Log in Event Viewer for events recorded by Perflib. When Perflib finds a disabling error in a performance counter dynamic-link library (DLL), it records an event in the log. Then it sets the value of Disable Performance Counters to 1 to disable the counters."

    We run citrix on windows server 2003. Empower 2 FR3

    Good luck



    You can also try to post this question on the Waters Online Community > Informatics. http://forums.waters.com/clearspace_community/community/informatics

  • Hi

    Thanks to everyone who commented and took time to look at this issue, the problem has been resolved after discovering it was due to a blocked port on the firewall (TCP 336). When unblocked it allowed us to access and control the UPLC instrment via Citrix.


    Pat O'Driscoll

  • lizh

    Great - thank you for letting us all know.