HSS Columns

<p>Using two different HSS C18 (100x2.1mm, 1.7um) columns, I found leak of mobile fase, between column core and end screw nut, during the analysis. The problem is solved tightening the two parts.</p><p>Ever happened to you?</p>


  • dougm


    I was hoping (and waiting) that a UPLC column user would chime in. But, alas no one has.

    Leaking columns are very rare but it does happen. As an FYI, we individually high-pressure test every UPLC column before they ship (>12000 psi). But for reasons that nobody can explain, sometimes a column will leak at some point in the future. It is not unique to a particular chemistry or configuration, or location, or batch, or even to UPLC columns or Waters. Sometimes it just happens. We autopsy the rare returned leaker and the connection(s) and hardware appear no different than fully functional non-leaking columns.

    By all means, please contact your local Chemistry Specialist and let him/her know. They would be happy to replace the column(s) if you desire. Sorry for your troubles.



    We have also experienced this in our lab but with BEH columns. I have come across at least 4 that have leaked.

  • Hello, yes I also had a HSS Vanguard pre-column leak on me. Next one out of the box was fine. Cheers, A.

  • We've had this happen multiple times across different chemistries: phenyl, HSS T3, BEH C18, etc.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I have recently found a column leak between the column core and the column nut. The column in HSS T3. I have just discarded the column and have not tried to tighten the two parts, so I wonder if any of you experienced good chromatography after thightening these two part.

    T. Barri

  • gabry74

    Hi.For my experience, tightening the two parts (core and nut column), the column efficiency is not changed.