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<p><span>I am having problems maximizing the recovery from maximum recovery vials. My reference material is severely limited and not being able to recover <u>everything</u> from the vials is crippling my method development. </span></p><p></p><p><span>I was told to use maximum recovery vials as opposed to total recovery vials due to the way the needle samples from the vials. And I have changed the z-axis of the needle (although I don't know how to tell what the it is at currently???). I am scheduled to take the UPLC training course in May, but my questions can not wait until then.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Any suggestions????</span></p>


  • Why not use normal vials, with inserts?

    We used inserts of 250µl without any problem on our UPLC.

    Here a list:|000000000021__LowVolumeInsertsandSprings


  • I will give it a try - thanks!!!

  • It is perfectly fine to use total recovery vials with the ACQUITY autosampler. The applications labs at Waters use them all the time without issue.


  • This is good to know as well. I guess the thing that is really puzzling me is that in the help menu from the console, it supplies this information:

    Residual sample volumes for ACQUITY UPLC vials (12 × 32 mm):


    Residual volume (µL)

    Needle placement (mm)

    Glass screw cap vial



    Glass screw cap vial with 150 or 300 µL insert*



    Max recovery vial



    750 µL PP (polypropylene) vial*



    300 µL PP vial*



    * You must change the needle placement value for these vials to 3 mm.

    But there is no way that the residual volume in my vials is 22 uL. And my needle placement is at 1 mm already for the max recovery vials as specified in my method.

    Any ideas?

  • Total recovery vials are the vials delivered with an UPLC.

    Max recovery vials have a very different shape, and therefore you have to set some parameters in you instrument method to take care of this.

    That's the reason why we use inserts instead of max recovery vials.

    (Now even on our alliance HPLC's)


  • BJ

    I think you have it backwards, it is the maximum recovery vial that ships with ACQUITY. It has a Vee shaped bottom.

    The total recovery vial is a "for lack of a better description" funnel shaped.

    The ACQUITY system users guide states that one can use total recovery vials, and we do.

    However, if you are happy with the inserts, there is no reason to change.


  • Oops, you're right, I swapped them.



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