Air Gap Calibration Failure

<p><span>I just recently installed a new 10 uL loop on my Acquity and calibrated loop volumes and such but the Air Gap Calibration keeps failing giving me an error 'Air Sensor Calibration out of Range 41.9'. What is happening? </span></p><p></p><p><span>The Help menu has no content on this problem so I figured I'd ask here.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Thanks</span></p><p><span>Dave</span></p>


  • Dave:

    I think the system thinks the needle volume is too large, it is larger than we would expect. It is telling you that the sensor cannot complete and pass the diagnostic. I have forwarded to GSS for the correct troubleshooting protocol.

    Bear with us.


  • Hi Liz - Here are some specifics of the Needle and Loop volume calibrations I did:

    System volume with loop: 53.7uL

    System volume without loop: 41.9 uL

    Loop volume: 11.5 uL (on the 10 uL loop I just installed)

    Measured needle volume : 32.8 uL on the 30 uL needle - original needle.

    Hope this helps



  • Hello:

    This is in from GSS. They suspect the calibration needs to be perfromed.

    Ensure that the Volume Detection Device (VDD) connected to Port 3 of the Inject Valve Pod.

    Reset the instrument and ensure that the ACQUITY Autosampler is fully primed.

    Follow the steps outlined in the attached procedure to ensure that the calibration was performed correctly.

    Inspect the fluidics tubing of the VDD, if it is it severely kinked in such away that it could be considered damaged? If so, you may have to replace the VDD. This should require FSE assistance.


  • Ah! I performed the calibration per the attachment and all is well. Thanks a bunch!


  • Hi... I could not find the attachment, please forward the procedure  of Air sensor Calibration. 


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