Hydrolysis before Amino Acid analysis

<p><span>We are doing acid hydrolysis using 6N HCl constant boiling in a hydrolysis vial at 110°C for at least 24°h in oven under vacuum. But, the oven didn't seem to like the acid (a lot of corrosion). The inside of our oven is not in stainless steel. I just want to know what kind of oven people use for acid hydrolysis? We look for ceramic but we didn't find one.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Thanks!</span></p><p></p><p><span>Elaine</span></p>


  • Cappy

    If you are using the correct style of hydrolysis reaction vial, you should be able to evacuate and SEAL the vial BEFORE subjecting it to the hydrolysis temperatures.

    Therefore, the HCl should NOT be in contact with ANY part of your vacuum oven, since the HCl would be sealed off within the hydrolysis reaction vial.

    In fact, the use of a vacuum oven should NOT be required, rather, the use of any source (oven, heating block, etc) of adequately and thoroughly heating the evacuated reaction vial to the correct temperature.

    Check with the supplier of your hydrolysis reaction vial to make sure you are using them correctly, or do a web search of "amino acid hydrolysis protocol" to see some examples of like reaction vials.