UPLC LAN and WAN Requirements

<p><span>Hi,</span></p><p><span>We are analyzing the network requirements for the Empower 2 Build 2154 FR5 Enterprise ClientServer application. Our concerns are the amount of data a UPLC with PDA can generate. Has anyone created a formula or used a network monitoring utility to determine how much data a UPLC can push across a network?</span></p>


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    A single PDA can generate data at a rate near 0.1 MegaBytes per second during an injection, although 0.04 MegaBytes per second or less is typical. Of course, there is some idle time between injections that integrate into the flow of data. Remember, the data is buffered in the LACE, which is designed to do this and share acquisition control and data control burdens with the CDS implementation. The concern about data files being too large is somewhat redundant today, when Empower like many modern CDS systems is designed to support other data types, which can be significantly larger. Also compliance considerations requires that the data is stored, unmodified, so it can be mined later as required.

    The local instrument LAN is characterized in the Empower 2 Installation and Configuration Guide, and in fact certain restrictions, such as a limit of 2 PDAs per PC or Lace, have been imposed. These are not driven by LAN capacity, but resource considerations in the system. Outside of the Instrument LAN environment, there would be the transfer of data in the Enterprise environment which occurs according to some protocol or schedule, and there is no explicit characterization of this with the new PDAs.

    Many customers are successfully using PDAs in an Enterprise environment.