Is there anyway to connect a 2475 Florescence detector up to an ACQUITY and collect the data through

<p>Worst case scenario I can collect the data analog?</p>


  • Hello LCMS,

    Unfortunately, you can only collect the analog signal as there is no way to control the Waters 2475 with Masslynx on an ACQUITY System. We have developed the ACQUITY FLR to complement the high-resolution techniques associated with our ACQUITY UPLC System. As such, the ACQUITY FLR detector is optimized to provide you the benefit your looking for when these components are connected together. The Waters 2475, although close in design to the ACQUITY FLR, comes with a different set of firmware, as well as, Instrument Control Software (ICS), making the connection or "hand-shake" with ACQUITY, especially running Masslynx, very challenging. Although we can't stop anyone from attempting this configuration, it is important to note that Waters does not support this configuration. It would become very difficult for our field personnel (service, applications, sales, other..) to provide assistance with issues or concerns should something not work properly under this set-up. Lastly, as you may already realize, the 2475 is equipped with a Xenon lamp vs the Mercury/Xenon lamp for the FLR.

    I hope this helps out?

    Best Regards,