Empower2 and Windows OS

<p><span>Hi All,</span></p><p><span>We have an Acquity UPLC with Empower 2 software. Unfortunately, we have a problem with our computer. It gives random errors blocking any job (also with other software). So we decided to change it. The question is that the new computer has 2 built-in operative systems: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista SP1 while the software requirements for Empower2 (Service release 4 and Service Pack D) is "windowsXP Service pack 2". Any effort to downgrade the OS was unsuccessful (it is a native XP SP3). Does anybody have official info or actual experiences about OS compatibility?</span></p><p><span>Thank you very much.</span></p>


  • Hello:

    I will ask some experts, but be aware that Windows settings, such as Admin privileges that may be set up by your IT deparatment as custom to your company/department could be the issue as well. Bear with us.


  • Hello again:

    This site may help, it lists the Microsoft Hotfixes that have been applied to Empower 2 Build 2154 configurations in our internal laboratory environment. Waters has found no adverse impact to Empower 2 Build 2154 functionality when they are installed.


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  • Thank you very much Liz.

    Finally we were able to install XP SP2 in our new computer. So we hope that everything is going to work well.

    Your info could be helpful in the future (for happiness of my IT manager).

    TY again


  • Glad to hear this Giorgio!

    Also perhaps both you and your IT manager can join the new Waters Informatics eCommunity as well as the ACQUITY eCommunity and that way he can post questions and keep up with the latest on the Waters Informatics programs.

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