SQD Mass Spec connection to a networked Empower system

<p>Does anyone have any tips for connecting an Empower client running an SQD Mass Spec to a networked Empower environment? The Waters System Admin guide only contained instructions for setting up a ZQ or an EMD and it didn't have much to say about the SQD or TQD. We have it on a standalone and it's running the default FTP web site, etc. just as a ZQ would but the instructions don't seem to indicate that it's necessary. Thanks!</p>


  • The answer to this question is in 2 parts:

    a) Differences in host PC configuration with an SQ vs a ZQ.

    One of the biggest differences is the way the SQ communicates with the host pc vs how the ZQ did it. The new MS detectors EPC's are dynamically assigned an IP address by the Waters DHCP server. With the ZQ this was hard coded ( In other words, the NIC isn't configured with the IP address anymore, rather it is

    The other thing you used to need (with the ZQ) was to have the 'micromass' user account on the PC. You don't have that requirement anymore.

    Additionally, you do not need IIS/FTP to be configured with the SQ as you used to previously.

    Furthermore, two services that were not in the picture with the ZQ are now present with the new MS detectors. The Waters DHCP server service - the service that assigns IP addresses to any ethernet enabled Waters instrument. The WatersFileService - a new service that handles communication with the host PC for any of the new MS detectors, and is installed with the instrument control driver.

    b) Considerations when operating any MS detector in a networked environment.

    The Waters Service should not be enabled on the acquisition server/client when working with an MS in a networked environment. The Waters Service is responsible for communication between a Client and a LAC/E32, or between two Clients, in order to allow remote instrument control.

    By design, any Waters MS detector will only communicate/operate in local mode, i.e., physically connected to an Acquisition Client or Standalone Workstation.

    When any MS detector is installed with Empower, one of the folders installed is VXWORKS. This folder contains either the PhoenixUI (for ZQ/EMD) or the TrinityUI (for SQ/TQ/3100) executable, which the MS needs for interaction with the tune page. In other words, PhoenixUI/TrinityUI are used for local acquisition. As stated earlier, the Waters service (present on a Lac/e32 and at times on Acquisition clients) is used for remote acquisition. An MS detector attached on an acquisition server/client leads to PhoenixUI/TrinityUI conflicting with the Waters Service, with the Waters Service overriding PhoenixUI/TrinityUI. The end result of this is that the tune page will not open when the icon for it is clicked on.

    So to summarize - when working with any Waters MS detector, Lac/e32 acquisitions are not supported and the Waters service should always be disabled.

  • Thanks for that detailed explanation. As a follow up, our scientists would like to run a SQ or TQ system and review it from their office PCs through Citrix. Is there any reason to not put the SQ and TQ ICS on a Citrix Server? I'd disable the Waters FileService and the Waters DHCP Service, other than that, I can't see any issues.

  • Yes, any MS can be operated in a Citrix environment.

    The same rules as operating in an Enterprise environment (as stated earlier) apply with one addition: you must have the instrument driver of that specific MS also installed on the computer(s) that will be used to review data.

    Without this instrument driver installed, you will not have the ability to create reports that include the 'Comprehensive Status Report' report group.

    This report group is the only way to report tune and calibration method information in reports.

    To clarify the point made above, it is the Waters Service (if it is present) that needs to be disabled, not theWaters File Service; these are two distinct services.

    If the Waters File Service (and/or the Waters DHCP Server Service) is disabled on the Acquisition client, you will not have communication with the MS (when the MS is an SQ/TQ).