The new ACQUITY UPLC H-Class allows you to seamlessly transfer methods and makes going from HPLC to

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  • Hi;

    We are planning to buy another UPLC in our lab in few weeks. We already have 2 UPLC Waters and the UPLC-H looks interesting but it's the first generation. Is anybody had chance to work with? Is the system robust even with phosphate buffer? Is the maximum pressure comparable to the regular UPLC?



  • Hi Elaine,

    The ACQUITY UPLC H-Class is an incredibly robust machine and will work fine with your phosphate buffers as does the ACQUITY UPLC systems you currently have. The flow/pressure envelope is the same as the ACQUITY UPLC.

    Despite the fact that this is a first generation ACQUITY H-Class, it was built from the same components as the ACQUITY UPLC. Most of the parts are the same between the 2 systems as we wanted to ensure the system was as robust, rugged and reliable as the systems you have today. We have over 40 systems in demo laboratories around the world actively running samples, and, we've had the opportunity to have customers work with it in our Milford based laboratories. We are actively planning local deminars so our customers can have a closer look at the system. Let me know if you'd like more information.


    Jeannine Jordan

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager