A7890 HTTP 503 Error

<p>Has anyone else encountered this error when trying to start up an Agilent 7890 GC plugged in to a LAC/E? The message center displays the following"</p><p></p><p align="left">The request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable.</p><p align="left"/><p align="left">Windows Firewall is off.</p><p align="left"/><p align="left">thanks!</p>


  • There has been only one other report of such an issue that I am aware of. In that case, the problem appears to have been related to corporate domain settings, or security policies / GPO. However, it is not clear as yet what the exact cause was, or what the resolution might be.

    When using a newly re-imaged LAC/E32, it was possible to run the GC as long as the WatersService was disabled. When that LAC/E32 was connected to the company network, it ran the GC while connected to the Empower Enterprise server database. As the LAC/E32 had not yet been joined to the company domain then, the chromatgraphic data remained on the LAC/E32 which was in 'buffer mode'. However, the error was reported in the Empower message center when a domain user was logged on to the LAC/E32.

    The issue seemed to only affect 7890 GC systems controlled in that environment. Other systems, such as Agilent LCs or ACQUITY UPLC, were controlled normally. The issue continues to be investigated by Waters.

  • We set up the LAC/E to run the WatersService as a domain user with Admin rights on the LAC/E. That worked and we didn't have to log in as a domain admin.