pump motor synchronization

<p><span>This morning I came in to find that my UPLC shutdown in the middle of a (seemingly) perfectly good sample set due to "</span><span __jive_macro_name="P"/><span>: Pump motor lost synchronization". This has occured a time or two in the past, and it doesn't seem like anything is really wrong. All I have to do to get the system running again is reset the BSM. What does this error message indicate exactly? How can I avoid it in the future? </span></p>


  • The error should indicate either Pump A or Pump B. I have seen this error twice since 2004 and in both cases it was a issue with the Personality PCB of the indicated pump. The last time I saw this error, it started off like you describe, but then a couple months later, the error progressed such that the BSM could not initialise. You should probably submit an iRequest http://www.water.com/iRequest and have the BSM serviced now before the error progresses any further.