Recovering Lac/e32 data

<p>How can I recover data on my Lac/e32?</p>


  • Data being held on an Empower acquisition node during buffering should be automatically uploaded once the connection is restored to the Empower database server. If for some reason, the data does not uploaded, then a manual data recovery can be performed in some instances. This should only be done after the acquisition node has been given adequate time to complete the upload without intervention.

    To recover data manually on an acquisition node that contains the buffered data:

    • Open a command prompt window and enter the following command (note the directory is changed to Empowerin below):

    • C:Empowerin > Instrumentserver -Recover
  • the process in charge of recover is manage by the instrumentserver.exe

    this process is not working for multiInsance.

    typing the instrument.exe -recover MUST only be done When no insrtumentserver.exe is currently running.

    to use this command you must:

    1. Stop the Watersservice (it is bette to setup as well as disable because if anyone from network try to get access to a system or to the properties of the acquisition machine it will restart automaticaly the service then the instrumentserver.exe). Stoping the watersservice will stop all runing process.

    2. be sure that no instrumentserver.exe is runing (for any session , in task manager look for instru~1.exe) see the screen capture attached)

    3 run the command

    4 kill the instrumentserver from task manager

    5 restart the watersservice

    again the same result is obtained if you reboot the acquisition machine, but is beter because you also release connection and memory.

    This is what I suggest.

    The real question will be why are you facing buffering. what the recover.log is saying.


    If you run the command when the instumentserver is runing on memory you stop the automatic process (You will see that no recovered is perfomed any more in the recover.log)

    The waters service may be hanging as well (I got the situation that watersservice was not replying, not stoping and I could kill it even using taskmanager). then this force me to reboot.

    forget the command and anlyze why you get the buffering.


  • Gilles makes an important point and that is to determine the cause of the buffering. If buffering is a frequent occurrence, some operating changes may need to be made. Use the recover log to assist in the investigation.

    It should also be noted that Waters recommends that you always shut down the InstrumentService before you attempt a manual recovery.