Empower message 'Server busy'

<p>What is meant in Empower when it returns the message 'server busy'?</p>


  • A "Server Busy" message, in a networked environment, indicates that communications with another resource has been lost. This could be caused by:

    • The connection to the server database has been lost (caused by network traffic or resources not available).
    • The projects directory is not mapped properly.
    • Another function has not been completed.

    For example:

    A user performs an action, i.e. running a sample set. While waiting for completion the user runs another sample set and receives a message

    Server Busy: This second action cannot be completed because the other program is still busy.

    In the Empower Personal environment this could be a printer setup problem requiring the printer be deleted and re-added.

  • I used to get these messages all the time and my performance would be horrible until I cleared out all the Empower messages. You know that little E on the lower left hand part of the screen? Well I had never set it up to automatically purge old messages and there was about 2000 old messages in there and because of that my empower client software was very slow and i recieved server busy messages all the time. if you open up the message center and click View-->Properties then click the purge tab you can purge all old messages. Set it up to automatically purge messages older than a week and your Empower 2 client will run faster than it ever has. I was amazed at how much of a difference this made, it was like night and day.