commonly used mobile phase in uplc

<p><span>Hi there!</span></p><p><span> I am a new user of WATERS ACQUITY UPLC. I want to know the details about the commonly used </span></p><p><span>mobile phase in UPLC and chemistry of various columns. will u plz tell me the details...</span></p><p></p><p><span>Thanks in Advance.</span></p>


  • Hi Suganya

    In practice you can use any mobile phase that you would use in HPLC, we do though recommend that you keep the buffer concentration below 100mM and that you do not use normal phase solvents like hexane or toluene. THF should also be avoided unless you change the PEEK tubing and fittings in the system to stainless steel.

    You will find recomendations in the Acquity user manual in appendix D.

    I have also attached a pdf file listing some buffers that could be used with our XBridge columns, which have the same chemistry as our UPLC BEH columns.

    To give an overview over the available UPLC columns I have also attached the UPLC columns brochure.

    best regards