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<p><span>Hi,</span></p><p></p><p><span>I need some clarification regarding masslynx software. kindly see the file attached.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Bharani</span></p>


  • Bharani

    As you know we will be in touch locally, but here are our provisional answers to your list.

    On the last item can you provide more detail.

    Many TX


    1. In the olp, in the DAD Data tab, you can choose to report a fixed wavelength range. It's the fourth option, after TAC, BPI and Wavelengths.

    2. While this is a much requested enhancement, it is not possible at this time due to the structure of MassLynx. It requires the data to be embedded in the report, which would greatly increase file sizes.

    3. The in MassLynx work flow the approach would be to run a Priority sample. While this sample will not be reported with the currently running queue, it will be run much quicker than adding it to the end.

    4. We've not had this request before. What would be in a footer that could not be in the header?

    5. The option to include the injection volume in the report header will be in the next MassLynx SCN.

    6. Could you please supply some more information? What do you want to remove?

  • Hi

    Regarding the last querie, i have worked with masslynx software and got the solution.

    I have not cleared about the wavelength range. As per your suggestion, if i do processing with 210-400nm, in report format it's appear as UV DETECTOR 0_400.

    As like if i go with 210-400, it's appear as 10_410. If i do processing for single wavelength, i have got correct nm in report format. what could be the reason.

    I have using Masslynx V 4.1 SCN562 software.

    Local waters people also working on that.

    thanks and regards


  • Great glad to hear!