Low% recovery of checked standard

<p><span>What is the possible problem if I have a low % recovry of checked standard?</span></p><p><span>I also have a high % RSD standard of 6 injections.</span></p><p><span>Please advice</span></p><p><span>Thank you</span></p><p><span>CN</span></p>


  • Hello:

    It is possible the reproducibility issue is causing the recovery issue, or they could be unrelated, please take a look at the BJ thread this can give you some background on recovery issues, could be very similar. Plaese send a chromatogram if possible and Method details such as the mobile phase, injection mode, washes and injection volume.

    Many TX


  • Hello,

    By BJ Thread, I believe Liz is referring to a previous discussion posted by "BJ" entitled "%area of related compounds depending on the injection technique"

    Hope this helps,