UPLC GPC Waters Column Development?

<p><span>Is there any Waters UPLC GPC colulmn being developed that would use ACN or Methanol liquid phase? I have a possible application with UPLC/MS ESI+ for the analysis of Polyetheramines. I am currently using a BEH C18 1.7um 2.1 x 150mm Column with a water & ACN liquid phase gradient, 70C, 0.3 ml/min. I need greater resolution. The MW ranges are 2000 - 5000.</span></p>


  • Hello,

    Unfortunately there is no work underway to develop <2 um GPC columns for UPLC.

    Before you give up on reversed-phase UPLC, could you please describe/post your method, analytes and separation(s)? Perhaps a better method may be out there that utilizes the existing tools at hand.