Restoring Communications

<p><span>I am having problems with getting my computer to talk to my MS (a quattro micro), and my UPLC. I am using MassLynx.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Any suggestions other than rebooting (which I have done repeatedly)?</span></p><p></p><p><span> Thanks,</span></p><p></p><p><span>Doug</span></p>


  • From my experience with MassLynx, connected with a PrepLC a old micromass single quad ms

    1. shut down the pc

    2. shutdown the uplc

    3. start the pc (don't start MassLynx) and

    4. reboot the ms while the pc is booting

    5. start the uplc after some minutes

    6. now start MassLynx

    7. use a new instrument method (!)

    you should get the systems connected

  • EdS

    Hi Doug,

    I've been in touch with our worldwide service group who have assured me that this is clearly not normal behavior. However, some of the potential reasons for losing communications with the MS can be quite complex and involved, and we would strongly suggest that you get in touch with your local service organization who will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem in tjhe most efficient manner.

    There isn't a large amount of detailed information on your post, and we would recommend getting the answers to the following before contacting service as they will very likely ask for this information.

    1. What version of MassLynx is in use?
    2. When did the problem start to appear?
    3. Has any third-party software been installed? e.g. Anti-virus software
    4. Has local IT made any changes to software or hardware on your acquisition PC?
    5. Have you installed any recent Microsoft hotfixes?
    6. Has a firewall been configured?
    7. If no comms established at all, then you may need to check IIS settings.

    My apologies for not being able to give more detailed information about your specific situation, but you should be able to resolve this efficiently with the help of your local service organization.

    Thanks and all the best,


  • Newman,

    Thanks. Essentially that's what I did...with help from my stellar service rep.