IntelliStart Problem w/ SQD

<p>When trying to use IntelliStart to tune our SQD MS detector there is a point at which one selects the Reference form a drop down list. However, this drop down list is not populated. It is our understanding that this is because either an Instrument Method our a Project did not get installed when the instrument was set up. We need to know what needs to be installed so this list is populated. Specifically we are looking for the reference "Naics". Any enlightenment will be much appreciated. </p>


  • Hello,

    The Intellistart issue that you are seeing is usually a result of an installer error.

    Was this a MassLynx or Empower install?

    The SQD is installed differently on each so it would be helpful to know which software platform you are using.

    I would suggest rebooting the PC and than the MS (using the black reset button located to the left of the probe-not the On/Off switch) in the order of PC first , and than MS. I would than check Intellistart again before I went any further with the software.

    If you have Empower, than you definitely need a project and that can be found on the Installation disc that came with the SQD ICS. If on MassLynx, than no project is needed, everything is built in from the MassLynx installer.


  • We are running Empower2. We do not have MassLynx. If possible, can you tell me what CD the Project is on, and the name of the Project?

  • The CD is the Instrument Driver CD-depending on which version it will be either v1.32 or 1.40.

    The projects are on the CD you can access them either thru My Computer/Open and view the CD contents.

    The path is the following: My ComputerSQ & TQ Detector Empower 2 Instrument Driver v1.32SQ & TQ Detector Instrument Driver v1.32Projects

    You can than copy the Waters SQ Detector project to your desktop before restoring the Project into Empower.

    Please ensure you select a minimum of 450 for your tablespace to run the MS with.

    Let me know if you cannot find this CD, it came with the installation documents and the FSE would have used it to install the MS.

  • Our Waters FSE has gotten this working. Apparently, there was a service bulletin on this problem that he had to track down and use.