Acquity UPLC C8 300A Columns

<p>My client is working very good with the Acquity UPLC C4 300A columns for insulin in-process samples, but they want to know if Waters if working in a near future with the Acquity UPLC C8 300A columns, because they have some impurities validated methods that use C8 and C18 columns of 300 A, and they believe that Acquity UPLC column C8 300A would gave them more efficiency on those methods that they want to validate in Acquity UPLC. They have already test them with the C4 300A. </p>


  • Robert,

    The only <2 um UPLC C8 column chemistry available at this time is bonded to the ~130A BEH particle. The only <2 um UPLC chemistries bonded to the 300A pore size BEH particle are C18 and C4. There are no plans at this time to develop a C8 chemistry bonded to 300A BEH particle. Based upon customer demand(s) this could change, however, so it never hurts to ask.

    Thanks for the question!