Max Ent

<p>Is there an easy method to perform MaxEnt deconvolution on Empower systems? Or would I need to save my data from my Empower system and then re-process it on another system with Mass Lynx? Thanks, </p>


  • EdS

    Hi there,

    In answer to your first question, is there an easy way it perform MaxEnt deconvolution on Empower systems, in short, unfortunately there is currently no way to perform this type of task within Empower.

    I will look in to how we can get data across from Empower to MassLynx so that you can perform this type of work but if I could have some more information so that I make sure that I ask the right questions, that would be great

    If you could please let me know what version of Empower you are running (including service packs and Feature Releases installed) as well as which MS are using for this, it would be very helpful indeed.

    If you have MassLynx systems may I enquire why you are not running the MaxEnt type analyses on those systems, I believe that your workflow for data processing would be simpler if you had native MassLynx data to use with MaxEnt.

    Thanks and all the best,