x, y, z coordinates for plate in position 2

<p><span>I am having problems with the sample manager when plates from the sample organizer are moved into position 2. Is there any way to define the x and y coordinates for plates in this position? It appears that the sample manager arm doesn't align with the wells and subsequently, the peek needle is bent. This has happened several times during the last week. It has not happened when the plate in is position 1.</span></p>


  • lizh


    Apologies for the delay.

    The X and Y coordinates for the plate is generally chosen or programmed in the plate generator for the plate in use. However if the plate is not being positioned properly into the A1 corner, the Sample Organizer Y Transfer Shuttle (YTS) mechanism may need adjustment. Unfortunately, this looks like a FSE will need to assist.As adjustment of the YTS must be performed by a certified Field Service Engineer (FSE). In this case you would need to request a site visit from your local FSE.

    Also we have some additional documents on troubleshooting a SO you might find useful