PDA or eLambda ?

<p><span>Hi,</span></p><p><span>I have an ACQUITY UPLC with SQD and work on forbidden dyes in textiles.</span></p><p><span>I would like to buy a PDA detector to work in parallel with the SQD but it doesn't detect on visible. Waters offers to buy the detector eLambda but we can't test it. Does someone know the eLambda and does it have the same sensibility than the PDA ?</span></p><p><span>Thanks for your answers.</span></p><p><span>Julie</span></p>


  • daved

    Hello Julie,

    The best detector available for you to analyze dyes in textiles would be the ACQUITY PDA eLambda (extended wavelength). This detector offers the wider wavelength range of 190-800nm as opposed to the ACQUITY PDA whose wavelength range is 190-500nm. The specifications of both detectors are the same throughout; however, there are minor differences in the measured baseline noise when running at 230nm. The use of available independent data rates and time constants is a powerful tool to be used providing you with good chromatographic peak output. I hope this helps?

  • ifth

    Thanks for your help.

    My fear was that the PDA eLambda wasn't as much sensible as the PDA.