I am working with masslynx 4.1. The computer is not connected to Internet.
But the computer has a virus.
I need an antivirus, but I am afraid to break down the Masslynx.</p><p>Manuel</p>


  • lizh


    This comes directly from Global Support Services at Waters.

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    The current and only tested Anti-virus product, as of June 2009, is ; Symantec End Point Version 11.0.4000.2295

    Prior to the release of SCN #633 the following products were also tested with MassLynx:

    (1) McAfee Antivirus Professional V8.0

    (2) Norton Antivirus 2003

    (3) Symantec Client Antivirus software versions V8.0.2, 10.1.4 and 10.1.5.

    See associated service notes for considerations when using McAfee software. (I have attached to the thread).

    • - MassLynx does not support McAfee 8.0i (Enterprise Edition) AV software
    • - MassLynx does not support McAfee 8.0i or 8.5i (Enterprise Edition) AV software

    Always consult the Release Notes for the level of Anti-virus testing for the software package in use.

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  • Hello liz I have a post 2008 about an antivirus to masslynx 4.1 and I need to update the information.

    thanks Manuel

  • carras

    Hello Manuel,

    Do not use the free Avast antivirus. I did and it broke havoc in Masslynx, I had to uninstall Avast and reconfigure Masslynx. Apparently the antivirus took for a menace legitimate Masslynx processes and erased them.