Another question regarding pre-filters

<p><span>The Acquity is set up to be able to move the ferrules at the column inlet to minimize / eliminate any dead volume between the tubing and the column when the columns are changed. If the pre-column is used and stays in the column heater, this feature is no longer applicable because the ferrule on the pre-filter is the traditional ferrule that permanently crimps onto the tubing when tightened.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Is this a concern when columns are changed or is the movable collet / ferrule not truly necessary? Do I need to move the collet / ferrule when Acquity columns are changed or is this feature there for the "other" columns?</span></p>


  • dougm

    The in-line filter unit was designed to contribute as little additional volume as possible. Hence, its small footprint design. Designing it to be used with reusable fittings would have increased its overall size (length) and consequently, resulted in additional system band spread.

    Do not attempt to remove the ferrule from the in-line filter unit. This is not a concern when using ACQUITY UPLC columns since the ferrule depth is pretty consistent, UPLC column to UPLC column. However, when using a column other than an ACQUITY UPLC column, I would recommend removing the in-line filter unit since its fixed ferrule depth will likely be different than that of most HPLC columns.