Acuity UPLC Console Calculator - where can I get it?

<p><span>Hi,</span></p><p style="height: 8pt"/><p><span>I've been told by my sales person that there is a program in which I can input my HPLC parameters and it will generate a good starting UPLC method based on differences in column diameter, inj vol, etc. I believe it was called the Acuity UPLC console calculator. Is this program available for download?</span></p><p style="height: 8pt"/><p><span>Thanks</span></p>


  • Hello

    It should be with your s/w (ACQUITY UPLC Driver) CD, but since you are in the eCommunity go to the "Over view" tab and under UPLC Basics (on the right in the middle) and click on “HPLC to UPLC Calculator”.


  • Assuming you have a UPLC system, could you please check something for me on the PC attached to the ACQUITY UPLC instrument?

    1) Can you cofirm that the Calculator is not already installed on that PC? If it is installed, there should be an icon on your desktop and/or you can go here: Start -> Programs -> Waters -> ACQUITY UPLC Columns Calculator

    2) Assuming ACQUITY UPLC ICOP 1.3 or higher, the *.exe file for installing the calculator is located here: C:Program FilesWaters ACQUITY UPLC Columns Calculator ColumnSelector.exe

    The calculator should already be installed as part of the instrument installation. I am kinda curious why it is not installed.

    If you are asking about a separate standalone copy for your office then Liz is correct that you can obtain an additional copy here in the UPLC eCommunity as she described.

    Thanks and good luck,


  • Thanks Doug and Liz for the replies.

    Doug, the UPLC is connected to my company's secure network via Citrix, so there is no standalone PC.

    Liz, I found the link you described, however, I continusously get a "run-time error:339" during the installation process. Since I do not have administrator rights to install anything on my work computer, that may be the problem or there may be a problem with the file itself.

    I have so many methods that I want to convert from HPLC to UPLC, I thought this would be a great tool for the members of my group to use versus trial and error. I'll ask my IT department if it is perhaps on the LACE box.

    Thanks again


  • I think that you have identified the error. I just tried and I was able to access the file. Please tell the IT department it is built and tested and run within the ACQUITY test matrix.

    Thank you for letting us know. Let me ask what we have done in the past for Citrix.


  • Hello Mike:

    I am going to copy this email in just as sent to me. I have learned a new term "Farm"...hope this helps


    The BSM ICS Driver should be installed on the Citrix Server along with all the other Drivers and ICSs they use , so the calculator should be installed by default . They could check add remove programs to be sure.

    The Calculator.exe ( or whatever the name ) would need to be published as an application in their "farm" just as the Empower.exe is done . Once this is published the Citrix ICA clients should have access to use the calculator.

  • Ahh, yes...the server "farm". I will ask my Empower goup to post as you described. That way, it can benefit everyone.

    Thanks, LIz.


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