ICOP 1.40; problems printing instrument method

<p>Two weeks ago we went from ICOP 1.20A to ICOP 1.40, because of the longer piercing needle. </p><p></p><p>Now we have the problem that we cannot print Instrument methods anymore. It gives the error:</p><p></p><p>ERROR LOG </p><p>Unable to load instrument setup information for ACQ-BSM</p><p>Unable to load instrument setup information for ACQ-SM</p><p>Unable to load instrument setup information for ACQ-TUV</p><p></p><p>Are there more users with 1.40 who have / had this problem? (We use Empower 2 FR3)</p><p></p><p>How can I print the instrument method again?</p><p></p><p>Ramses</p>


  • Can you confirm if you are printing an "old" pre 1.40 method? If you make a barnd new method will it print?

    Thank you,


  • In both cases it will not print.

    We got a work around from our local waters department and that is to remove all the ICOP's (Also non UPLC ICOP's from the Alliances) from the computers and install it again (first UPLC ICOP's than non UPLC ICOP's). This works. Why it works I do not understand. WIth the initial installation we did an update installation.

  • I am glad that we have a solution, but I think its the order as well as the reinstall.

    "The issue in 1.40 can becorrected by removing all ICOPs and ICSs , then install 1.40 followed by the 2489 ICS".


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