Mass spec forum?

<p>Do Waters have a specific discussion forum for MS/MS?</p><p></p><p>If not could someone recommend one please? </p>


  • EdS

    Hi there,

    currently we do not have a forum specifically for MS users although it is certainly something that we are considering very seriously. Also we will endeavour to get input from the correct experts to answer any questions posted on the ACQUITY forums, so please feel free to post on here and we will do our best to answer questions that you may have...

    There is a very good page on Spectoscopy Now (linked here...) which lists a very significant number of MSgroups and organisations, some of which are highly specialised. You should be able to find a group relatively local to you there.

    Thanks and all the best,


    By the way, if anyone else would like a MS specific forum, please let us know!

  • MikeT

    There's this place:

    They have a section for GC/MS and LC/MS


  • thanks Mike