phosphate buffer, BEH Shield RP18 column, T50ºC

<p><span>Is there any problem in using BEH Shield RP18 with a 12mM phosphate buffer pH 3.5 and temperature 50ºC?</span></p><p></p><p><span>These are the HPLC conditions with we are working now (with a X-Terra RP18 column) and I would transfer this method to UPLC, but I am not sure if the phosphate buffer and temperature 50ºC can be used with BEH Shield RP18 columns</span></p><p></p><p><span>Thank you very much</span></p>


  • From a chemical stability standpoint, the ACQUITY UPLC BEH/ XBridge family of UPLC/HPLC columns, respectively, exhibit an exceptional improvement in chemical stability compared to our first generation hybrid columns, XTerra. For the Shield RP18 chemistry, the bonding and endcapping are the same on both the XTerra RP18 and the ACQUITY UPLC BEH Shield RP18 columns. Only the base particle is different. What the means to you, is that there should be negligible (if any) changes in selectivity when transferring the method as well as an overall improvement in column lifetime.

    I've attached the ACQUITY UPLC BEH Columns Care and Use Manual for your reference.

  • sazimi

    go ahead, UPLC is more rapid with temperature.... BEH Shield temp. limit is upto 50-55C at lower pH ... but pH 6-8 max temp. not more than 45C & from pH 8-11 temp. should be 30-25C...... your pH is just fine & buffer concentraion also fine, dont worry....

    my experience is that UPLC Shield is very good column, pls check my presentation on BEH Shield, in "UPLC BEH Shield RP18 Column in Highly Aqueous Mobile Phases" .... many examples in which i woked at higher temperatures.

    ~~ Salman

  • dougm

    The BEH Shield chemistry should provide long column lifetimes under the conditions you describe as it is a more rugged column chemistry than the XTerra RP18 chemistry.