UPLC Sample Maanger Not detecting rack

<p>I am using the Sample Manager With 10 racks in that. Whe i was using the Sample manager temperature at 10<sup>0</sup> C and above it is not having any problem, as we are maintaing the room temperature at about 20<sup>0</sup>C and 50 RH, But when i was using the temperature of 5 <sup>0</sup>C then the problem comes.</p><p>1. It takes the plate from the position and keeps at Position-2, then give error plate not detected.</p><p>2. It does the above said thing and gives error Vail not detected.</p><p>3. some times Even plate also not detects.</p><p></p><p>is the any solution for this.</p><p></p><p>We observed that there is a little moisture was in the glass and may be inside the sensors also, Is this the reason. </p><p>weather the capacity of sensor can be increased so that it recognises the thing properly.</p><p></p><p>thanks. </p>


  • lizh

    Apologies,that you are having trouble and I believe that this is a Sample Organizer issue. I think that this requires that you put in a call to service - I do not think the detection issue is related to the temperature, but rather to another coincidental issue. Unless the temperature causse the caps and or seals to be more rigid? In any ase I think the FSE should take a look. Please let me know how this goes.