May this files be deleted?

<p>Hi,</p><p></p><p>on a PC client connected to an Acquity UPLC, we found in the map "Empowerinstruments emp" a few .dat files of 145MB, dated year 2007. As they take a lot of disk space, we are wondering if they may be deleted?</p><p></p><p>Also we found in the map "Empowerinstrumentslog" a few .status files. May this files be deleted?</p><p></p><p>Best regards</p><p></p><p>Bart</p>


  • Apologies, this was a delayed reply. Short answer is yes you may!

    The longre answer is where the files are from - the .dat files in the EmpowerInstruments emp can be deleted, they are used by Connections InSight. When the ICS (ACQUITY Console Software) acquires diagnostic data (this is not the chromatograms, but the counters and information about the modules) from an instrument it first goes it into these temporary files. When Empower polls the ICS for any data resident on the machine the ICS reads from the file, then this data if sent to Empower where these .dat files are stored in the database. Normally the files get deleted automatically, but there are some circumstances where they get left behind.

    The status files are there for good reason ( base line and troubleshooting . Here's a detailed explanation of the use of these files

    The Connections Insight Service sends periodic status and alert files to the Waters Connections Insight Server that are useful in the diagnosis of ACQUITY problems. This file is generated in two ways. The first is a status file that is generated at periodic intervals. These intervals are defined during installation of the Connections Insight software. The second takes place when an error state is detected on the Acquity system. At this point an alert file, that includes the error string in addition to all the information that is in the standard status file, is sent to the Waters Connections Insight Server.

    The following is a list of all of the information that is included in the status and alert files.

    Sample Manager

    Column Injection Count

    Column Injection Count Threshold

    Column Serial Number

    Configured Loop Size

    Firmware Version

    Injection Count

    Injection Count Threshold

    Serial Number

    Software Version

    Syringe Size

    Loop Size

    Binary Solvent Manager

    Firmware Version

    Serial Number

    Software Version

    Volume Delivered

    Volume Threshold

    Number of Primes

    Tunable UV Detector

    Lamp Hours

    Lamp Hour Threshold

    Lamp Ignitions

    Good Lamp Ignitions

    Serial Number

    Firmware Number

    Software Version

    The Alert file also includes the error log for each module. The error log contains all of the alerts and warnings for the individual components and the time/date stamp of each. It can be viewed either in Internet Explorer, Notepad or other text viewer software.

    How do you find using Connections InSight to monitor your instruments?

    thank you,


  • We found Connections Insight usefull, as we get every week a system overview, so we knew which instruments are far from their limits, while others are close to their limits.

    But a certain moment, we didn't recieve any notifications anymore. After some questions, we found out that Connections Insight only works when you have a valid TAP.

    Now we have a TAP, but we didn't install Connections Insight again (we deleted the software from the clients as it gaves a lot of errors in our application logs).


  • Many TX for this, we have heard of this, but this can be addressed. I will follow up with an email and ensure that we change your settings to minimize this.


  • Bart:

    We will need to contact your field service engineer and so I will contact you with information, or email me so that we can ensure this issue is addressed.

    Thank you


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