Purging binary solvent manager as part of inlet method?

<p><span>Masslynx 4.1 control Aquity/SQD, Openlynx login sample input.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Am doing mobile phase switching with a pair of EV-100 valves controlled by the sample manager. I don't at present have a column switching module, so I can't incoorporate in an openlynx switching method purging through a blank (bypass) column position. It would be nice to be able to program the pump purge that is part of the MS console as an event in the inlet method, thus purging via the vent positon. </span></p><p><span>Is this possible?</span></p>


  • Indeed it would, also it would be nice to utilize the ability to go to higher flow rates when doing that purge (and thus as column offline backpressure is low). This construct exists as a sample queue action in Empower, but not in MassLynx

    I will pass on your request to MassLynx product Manager, but I will also persue this as a feature for automation in the Console/instrument method as you request.

    Thank you for your input.


  • We have entered a formal request as SCR 18832 for this capability.


  • Liz,

    Thanks for your attention to this. Interesting that this is a feature in empower but not Masslynx.


  • It is simply that Empower has some extra constructs in the sample queue that can be exploited such as "purge/prime", "condition Column" and "Equi;ibrate". It also allows us to enter a column position. Some of this functionality is in ML , but is part of OpenLynx. However, lately in conversations with customers we are looking at this in more detail and putting this as a Console functionality so this can be done w/o the CDS impact. You added another valuable data point on the attractiveness of this kind of function to users.

    Thank you!


  • Liz,

    I'm using Openlynx login. Are you saying that the prime function can be accessed through openlynx? I'm using SC627.

  • Apologies for being late on this. You can program as a separate method, as the vent function is part of the instrument method. Let me know if that meakes sense.


  • Sorry Liz you lost me. What do you mean by instrument method? Is the vent function accessable through an inlet editor panel? Can you walk me through it a little more?

    Also, separate topic, but you might read this sooner...

    How can I change the needle Z penetration for a specific plate. I've got all plates including the hotel set for the waters 2 ml deep well block, but I need to adjust the Z for a different block that I want to use--same format otherwise. I didn't see a Z ht in plate generator..



  • I am going to get screen shots, can you bear with me, as I will need to track down the expert! I fear I am also using the wrong terminology.


  • No problem Liz, I'll check back when you can get to this.



  • Here is a quick screen shot... of how you could make a method in MassLynx, with a Column Manager with the valve in the waste position.

    I have not asked you to confirm what your MS and ACQUITY UPLC system configuration is, as there could be other ways depending on your system.

    I can confirm that this will be addressed in the next ACQUITY revision.

  • Liz,

    Yeah I can see that this screen shot utilizing a designated column position as a bypass would work, and when my column manager arrives in a couple of weeks I'll have to use this method.

    However, what I -thought that you were going to detail was user control of the purge to vent position. As you pointed out, this would not require use of a column position as a bypass and more importantly allow 8 ml/min pump flow vs the limited normal pump flow rates.

    It seems as if in some of your replys you say that this feature is available now, but in others that it is on a list of desired features that may be addressed by Waters in some unknown time frame.

    Can you confirm status of this feature or request?



  • Apologies, I missed this post and hence my reply delayed.

    I have confirmed with our MassLynx users - for your instance the prime function does not exist. It is not part of a "witch method" as I had hoped. It is a feature request for the next Console release. I am not sure exactly how the planned implementation. But the ability to get to a high flow rate through the Vent valve will be made an option independent of the data system (MassLynx or third party) that does not recognize "Prime" as an event in the sample list. It has a high priority on the request list.


  • Liz,

    I look forward to being able to implement a high flow-rate purge in a Masslynx inlet "witch", er I mean switch method. Thanks for pushing this along. Any idea when this feature will make it into a masslynx version?

  • I have been assured of this feature's implementation and I am confident the s/w engineers will spell it correctly too!


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