Using Analyst 1.4.2 to operate the Acquity

<p><span>I am currently using Analyst v1.4.2 to operate the Acquity autosampler and pumps. On occassion I have encountered a problem when creating a new Acquity method. After attaching the Acquity method to the Analyst method and saving it, I am unable to set the volume of sample when I load the method into the batch file. Any suggestions? I have previously copied an Acquity method that I knew worked, renamed it, and attached it to the analyst method with success. However, that is not working this time. - thanks</span></p>


  • Please can you tell us which ACQUITY UPLC Driver you are running, (in Console go to help pull down menua and it should tell you exactly) as the save method function in different drivers will vary.

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  • the driver is version 1.30.2130
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    I think we have encountered this once before (with a system that included a Sample Organizer) and this was addressed with version 1.40 ACQUITY UPLC Driver, the latest version. I will attach the release notes. It may be appropriate to upgrade. However, I would recommend discussing with your local support team, FSE or TSR first.


  • This is known to occur if the ACQUITY method is not saved to the Analyst method (*.dam file).

    It sounds like you have already confrmed this and forgive me if you have, but have you checked to make sure that the ACQUITY parameters have been saved to the .dam ?

    The attached document shows how this can be accomplished.

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